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San Jose Sharks

Home and Away Jersey Prototypes

January 23, 2002

The team that started the current sports logo craze returns with a dramatic look.

The logo stays the same, with the addition of the secondary swimming fin logo making its return to the uniform for the first time since 1998.

The home uniform uses white as the main color and teal as the secondary color. Black is the third color to "shadow" the teal linework. Shimmering Grey accents the uniform. For the first time, Burnt Orange is in the uniform and not just the stick in the team's primary crest.

The road jersey is similar to the home jersey, with grey as the secondary color. Black is inserted around the arms and chest inbetween the shoulder yokes, and arms stripes. The metallic gold is used to accent the yellow.

Name and numbers are the same font as the current uniforms. The under arc to match the flow of the uniform, is a first in professional sports. Usually, if an arc is used for a name, it is an over arc, similar to the current Sharks uniforms.