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Edmonton Oilers

Home and Away Jersey Prototypes

March 8, 2002

With the popularity of the Oilers traditional Blue and Orange along with Edmonton's new third jersey logo, these uniforms and logos were created to mix the past and the future.

The home uniform shows the return of the blue shoulder yoke. A silver stripe encases the blue shoulder yoke. The orange outline is now stretched out to near the wrist area. The tertiary logo is updated to include an orange oil drop and is placed at the shoulders.

The road jersey is similar to the home jersey, with some minor alterations. The orange shoulders return with a white outline, and silver stretched out to the wrist area. A first for the Oilers is to have the main Oilers logo on the shoulder, with the "Flying Oil Drop" serving as the main logo on the road.

Name and numbers were created by using Unispace.