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Toronto Maple Leafs

3rd Jersey Prototypes

March 4, 2002

As one the National Hockey League's original six teams. The Toronto Maple Leafs make a controversial look to the future, while showing signs of their past in this third jersey.

The current Maple Leaf logo is present in its traditional white leaf on blue jersey. The blur effect is one derived to give a futuristic look. The stripes are white with silver accenting the white. The stripes fade out to the sides. When looking at via the nosebleeds, fans could not tell if there is silver on the jersey. The white shoulder yoke is to symbolize the uniforms used in the 1970's-1992, where a white stripe would be in place from the neck to the arms.

The secondary shoulder logo mixes the current Maple Leaf monogram with the TML logo that was unveiled in 2000.